Growth Track

About Growth Track

At Bethel we want you to be the best follower of Christ you can be. It is our prayer that you find the purpose God has for you. Growth Track is where we assist you in finding that very purpose. Growth Track is a four step journey to learn more about Bethel, your purpose and design, and how Christ can change your life by you serving in the church.

Growth Track Steps

Step ONE

Step ONE explores who we are as a church and what you need to do to connect at Bethel.

Step TWO

Step TWO looks into your personality and purpose. This step helps your discover your gifts, and how you can use those gifts in ministry at Bethel.


Step THREE helps you find out what being a leader at Bethel is all about. We look at how to strengthen your character and gifting so you can know how to best lead.


Once you understand who we are and who you are in Christ it is our belief that God wants to use you. To help you use the gifts, talents, and abilities God has given you we want you to be able to serve in the area you are best suited for. Step FOUR is all about getting you connected with team leaders so that you may be plugged into Team Bethel.

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